Telecom Consulting

Understanding the Value of a Skilled Telecom Consulting Partner

Most small businesses don’t have a resident telecom expert on staff. And for good reason; projects such as phone system modernizations, data circuit upgrades, and service provider transitions do not fall into an “everyday task” category. It doesn’t make sense to employ a person whose value is only periodically in demand.

In addition, IT personnel who are hands-on administrators typically carry many other non-telecom responsibilities. This makes them less familiar with emerging industry technologies. It also means that when telecom challenges arise, which will inevitably happen, some other parts of their work will suffer. Fixing a problem can become a time drain that requires a lot of micromanaging.

A few real-world examples:

  • When a business is relocated or renovated, the move-in date is likely to change many times. Your telephone service management needs to be fluid and easily adaptable, bridging the gap between different service providers at different addresses under a real-time deadline.
  • When you move phone numbers to a new service provider, the porting process is often fraught with setbacks and delays. Your telecom partner will navigate your business through the entire conversion, including the submission of appropriate paperwork, removing features that may have become porting obstacles, and even reminding you to cancel the old service.
  • Many low-voltage systems (such as security, telephone, paging, and access control) are interrelated. Your telecom partner understands your company’s multiple services and providers and can help ensure that you get exactly what you need to guarantee that all systems are playing nicely together.
  • When a new system is not quite 100% deployed, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. If there’s an issue with the flow of incoming calls through your Automated Attendant, or an employee needs assistance setting up an integrated app on their smartphone, we can help you through these transitions. Your telecom partner understands the technology and speaks the lingo, which eases your burden and allows you to focus on your core duties.

When a new project is front and center, it helps to partner with a trusted telecom consulting company who can skillfully navigate your business across the finish line. We can articulate your specific business needs to the responsible parties quickly, in a language that is suitable for the audience. This advocacy will preserve your sanity while saving your business time and money.

Note: This article was originally published on LinkedIn on June 5, 2017