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Cloud-based Phone Systems VoIP

POTS lines are becoming extinct. Upgrade to VoIP today!

Learn why your small business should upgrade your phone lines to VoIP today!
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Phone Systems Premise-based Phone Systems

The End Is Near For ShoreTel

Is your organization still on a ShoreTel Phone System? What you need to know about why it's time to migrate to RingCentral, and how to do it.
Hosted PBX Phone Systems
Phone Systems

When Should Small Businesses Consider Hosted PBX Phone Systems?

Thinking about making the move to a cloud-based or hosted PBX phone system? Here’s what you should know about hosted PBX solutions and when to consider switching.
Unified Communications | Cloud Communications | Business Phone Systems
Unified Communications

Unified Communications 101

Thanks in large part to the advances in cloud technology and communication, UC is becoming more widely used by small- and medium-sized businesses. Here are the basics of UC and how it can help your organization.
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High Speed Internet Phone Systems

Is Your Network VoIP Ready? What IT Administrators Should Know

You may think your network is ready for the switch to VoIP, but is it? What you need to know to make sure.
VoIP bandwidth
High Speed Internet Phone Systems

The Bandwidth Mistake IT Administrators Make When Installing VoIP

We often meet new clients who've made the switch to VoIP and are having a bad experience. The culprit? Low bandwidth.
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Phone Systems

Does VoIP Make Sense for Nonprofits?

When considering VoIP for nonprofit use, the checklist and questions remain the same as they would for any other company, save a couple exceptions.
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Telecom Consulting

Local or National? What to Consider When Choosing a Telecom Provider

In our current globally connected world, it isn’t uncommon for people to receive services from providers who are hundreds or thousands of miles away. But what should you consider when deciding between a local telecom consultant or national service provider?
Making the Switch to Voice over IP
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Does Making the Switch to Voice over IP Terrify You? Why it Shouldn’t

VoIP can be scary, especially if you’re not sure how it works. Rather than fearing what you might not understand, work with a telecom partner who does.