Remote Work Solutions for Business and Nonprofits

Looking for remote work solutions? We can help you find and configure the best internet, phone and cloud computing systems to support your team.
Cloud computing that works

Enable Your Team to Work Remotely

In light of COVID-19, organizations are looking to keep their workforces safe by facilitating remote work solutions. For those who aren’t already set up, this task may be daunting. Not to worry. Not only can we help get those systems in place, everything can happen faster than you may think.

Remote Work Applications

Phone System Continuity
(get calls wherever you are)

Conference Calls
(voice and video)

Collaboration Tools
(shared documents and file storage)

Teaching Systems
(one-to-one and one-to-many conferencing)

Telemedicine Consultations
(provide remote clinical services to your patients)

Cost-Effective, Efficient & Fast

There are business phone and internet systems available that we can quickly customize for your environment. We’re standing by, ready to help!

Service Provider Partners

If Modern Telecom is the coach, our service providers are the players. We only recruit those who give you a winning combination. You’ll get a personalized team at the same prices and support that a direct salesperson can offer.

We take care of the relationships, so you can stay focused on your business.


A Few Words From Our Clients

We're Here to Help

Need to implement a remote work solution quickly? We can help. We offer:

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    Unified Communications

    Get VOIP phone systems, cloud computing solutions, and more — all designed to help you realize your mission.

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    High Speed Internet

    Ensure your organization is always connected and ready to serve your clients and community.

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    Telecom Consulting

    Get expert, unbiased guidance and reliable, responsive support from a team dedicated to your organization's success.

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