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Do You Have an Internet Backup Plan? Here’s Why You Should.

Business today relies on a constant connection, from phone systems to email, from appointment setting to credit card processing. That’s why, here at Modern Telecom, we’re always looking to ensure our clients are always connected.

Is it even possible, you ask?

Yes and no. Certainly we can’t control a catastrophic event, but we can control whether we have a backup plan for the more likely scenarios. The best way to ensure your business stays online is to employ a secondary internet service, as a back-up. Think of it as internet insurance. If one system goes down, the backup service kicks in to keep you online. No one even knows your original internet connection went down (except us, because we’ll be working to restore it).

In fact, Modern Telecom recently experienced two situations that made us realize how many businesses might be left unprepared.

When Internet Loss Means Productivity Loss

The first situation involved a client whose primary internet service provider comes from large-scale provider of fiber internet. The provider’s firmware crashed, causing their device to reset to its default settings. In the process, the entire system went down!

They were only down for one day, but they lost six hours of productivity and their 240 users couldn’t make phone calls or use email.

Needless to say, we’re in the process of setting them up with internet backup. (We are also working on their behalf to get credits, because they were down. That’s the benefit of having someone like Modern Telecom on your side.)

You Don’t Have to be a Big Company to Have Big Consequences

The second situation involved an optometry office. Crews were bulldozing the fields near their offices when they accidentally (and literally) cut their internet lines. They lost their phones and computers — and the ability to process credit card payments. They were only down for a few hours, but those few hours rendered them and their patients relatively helpless.

How Do I know If My Business Needs Internet Backup?

Not every business may need a full-on internet backup system. It really depends on how important your connection is to your overall business needs. Here are three simple questions to get you thinking and some of the things we’ll ask when we talk about your options.

  • What would happen to my business if my phones went down?
  • How much of our daily operations rely on an internet connection?
  • How much money would I lose if we lost internet for one business day? Two days?

How Do You Backup My Internet?

Ultimately, we give you a diversified system by using either a different type of connection or a different provider. For instance, if you’re on fiber, we set up a backup cable connection. If you’re with AT&T, we set up Spectrum. If you want to avoid a physical line altogether, you can add wireless internet provided over the cellular LTE network. Since one utility pole can support many different types of Internet connections, and a single accident can take one down, wireless internet is an excellent way to protect yourself from the worst-case scenario.

Do I Have to Be a Current Modern Telecom Client?

No, you do not have to be a current client of ours to have us give you an internet backup solution. A word of caution, though. You might love working with us so much that you become a full-service client. It happens quite a bit.

Backup internet is as close to a guarantee as we can get that your internet connection — and your business — will stay up and running. It’s easy to employ, and you can rest assured that your business will always remain functioning.

Got backup?

Make Sure Your Business Stays Online

If your business relies on phone calls, emails, or credit card processing, backup internet service may be right for you.

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