Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the questions we’re asked the most about our services.

Who is Modern Telecom?

We’re a technology agency that provides telephone and internet connectivity solutions for businesses and organizations, large and small. We design, implement, and provide ongoing support to ensure that you’re always connected. (And we’re super nice to work with too, so we’ve been told.)

What do you do?

In a nutshell, we’re your trusted telecommunications partner. If you’re shopping for new internet or business telephones, we’ll get you multiple quotes from the best local providers at their best prices. If you’re undertaking a new project and need an industry expert to lend a hand, we’ll work alongside you to get the job done right.

For ongoing system maintenance, we offer unparalleled customer service. When something breaks, call us, and we’ll fix it as fast as possible.

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What industries does Modern Telecom serve?

We serve businesses and organizations of all types, including medical offices, law firms, automotive dealerships, accountants, engineers, veterinary clinics, schools, retail, and nonprofits. Learn more about our clients.

Why not work with a sales rep or account executive from AT&T, Spectrum, etc.?

Telecom companies have their own sales executives, and it may be tempting to work directly with them. Remember, however, that their top priority is to sell you their specific services, regardless of whether they’re the best fit for you.

Plus, since they’re constantly working under the burden of a heavy quota, direct salespeople will likely continue to beat down your door once you invite them to bid. There is also a tremendous amount of turnover amongst telecom salespeople, so their industry knowledge is likely to be more limited.

Will it cost us less if we order it directly from the service provider itself?

No, absolutely not.

Our service providers must ensure an even playing field by offering the same discounts regardless of whether you purchase the services through an agency like Modern Telecom or through their direct sales team. If there’s ever a discrepancy — which is rare — we notify the service provider, and they have to adjust accordingly.

Why would I want to work with Modern Telecom?

Modern Telecom has more than 20 years of experience spanning all facets of the industry: operations, service, project management, sales, and billing. We work with all the major technology providers but are not tied exclusively to anyone.

Unlike direct agents, our relationship doesn’t end after the contracts are signed. We’re with you for as long as you need us! Your success is our success, and our priority is to build a strong, long-term partnership that supersedes any particular brand, service subscription, or technology.

Can we hire you if we bought our services through somebody else?

Yes, you can (and we’d love that!) We speak telecom-ese and are eager to help.

Who do we call for support?

You can always call your service provider directly, but most of our clients call us first. We deal with the telecom provider, so you don’t have to. We’re skilled at troubleshooting, triaging, and knowing exactly who to call and what to say. Why spend your time on hold when we can do that for you?

Do we pay you for your services?

There is no cost or obligation for us to gather service quotes on your behalf. The service providers commission us for selling their services.

Other types of professional services, such as project management, phone system installation, or a complex bill analysis, may carry a consulting charge which we’d discuss with you before we started any work.

About 95% of our helpdesk support for existing clients is provided at no cost.

Do you offer any special services for nonprofits?

Yes, we specialize in nonprofit clients. In fact, our Kind Connections program helps support their missions by giving back a portion of the service commissions we receive in the form of an annual rebate or donation.

Our most recent annual refunds ranged from more than $100 for a smaller client to over $1,000 for our largest. We also actively support local organizations in our own backyard. Each time we sell new services in the greater Medina area, we increase our monthly contributions to local charities such as Feeding Medina County and Let’s Make a Difference. Learn more about our nonprofit commitment.

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