While everyone needs reliable phone lines, a doctors’ office finds it crucial. One of Modern Telecom’s newest customers, Ohio Eye Care is already a huge fan.

Client: Ohio Eye Care Consultants
Industry: Specialty Medical Practice
Services: Full range of eye care services for patients of all ages
Website: ohioeyecareconsultants.com


Ohio Eye Care desperately needed someone to update their old phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They weren’t able to get parts for their old, on-premise system anymore, and things were starting to fail. Their service agreement stopped covering them, so they asked their local cable company for a recommendation.


After meeting with Andy, Ohio Eye Care knew they’d found their solution. Ohio Eye Care had two different locations, and Modern Telecom took care of both in a professional and reliable manner.


Ohio Eye Care calls upon Modern Telecom for all of its phone needs. They continue to be amazed by the speed at which Andy and Thad respond. Thad once had something fixed by the time they came back from lunch, and Andy’s been known to stop over after his own doctor appointments.

A Few Words from Our Client

“Andy’s very knowledgeable. He really wants us to be happy with our product. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes. And I know we probably were not the easiest client to work with, but he made us feel that we weren’t being a pain.”

Donna Perrin, Office Manager

Our Thoughts

“Phone systems are intricate, and often people don’t know what they need until they use it for a bit and find it’s not functioning like they want it to. Our solution always includes adjusting to ensure our clients are happy, and we’re excited to know Ohio Eye Care is satisfied.”

Andy Offenberger, Principle & Customer Success Fanatic