Dealing with telecom providers had turned into a nightmare for compression giant Juzo. They were owed money and their systems were not functioning properly. They were losing money — and running out of patience.

Client: Juzo
Industry: Consumer Goods
Services: Medical compression therapy garments
Website: juzousa.com


One of the largest telecom providers in the country owed Juzo a credit of $115,000 due to issues with their internet and phone services. The telecom’s customer service was horrible: the company kept sending Juzo bills and threatening to shut off their service. Both the Director of IT and the Chief Financial Officer spent more than five years trying to resolve the problem.


Andy and Modern Telecom resolved the situation in two months!


Not only were they issued the credit, but Juzo also had their systems improved, thanks to placing Andy in charge.

The first thing Andy did was set up a redundancy system. Juzo operates about 60% of its sales online and because most of their customers have a time-sensitive, medical need for the product, keeping the site online and the phones working are critical. With Andy and the Modern Telecom team, they no longer have to worry.

A Few Words from Our Client

“I don’t know if he has a magic wand or what, but Andy’s resolved so many issues for me, that I couldn’t be happier. I can honestly say that I hate dealing directly with telecom companies.”

Dan Paspalovski, Director of Information Technology

Our Thoughts

“Dealing with various technologies can be stressful for my clients. They just want things to work, so they can focus on their business. What I want to do is alleviate that stress, and I’m grateful I can do that for Juzo.”

Andy Offenberger, Principle & Customer Success Fanatic