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premise or hosted business phone system
Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems – Premise or Hosted?

Business phone systems in today’s world can either reside on-premise or in the cloud. Which option is right for your organization?
VoIP, Voice over IP, Business Phone Systems
Phone Systems

Why Office Managers Love Voice over IP (VoIP)

How VoIP phone systems allow organizations to add value to workplaces and provide greater flexibility to employees.
toll fraud | telecom fraud | communications fraud | modern telecom consulting
Phone Systems

Toll Fraud 101

Toll fraud, aka telecom or communications fraud, costs businesses billions each year. How to prevent, detect and respond if your system's been hacked.
telecom consulting | telecom consultant | modern telecom
Telecom Consulting

Understanding the Value of a Skilled Telecom Consulting Partner

Why partnering with a trusted telecom consulting company can help save your sanity while saving your business time and money.
voip communications | business continuity | modern telecom
Phone Systems

The Resiliency of VoIP (Voice over IP) Communications

How VOIP communication technology offers more resiliency than traditional phone service & why you should factor VOIP into your business continuity plan.
telecom consultant | SD-WAN | telecom consulting
Telecom Consulting

The Importance of Partnering with an Independent Telecom Consultant in the (Post-MPLS) SD-WAN Era

Among the many reasons to work with an independent telecom consultant, Software Defined Networking, or SD-WAN, makes the business case even stronger.