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Welcome to a different kind of
communication technology experience

Welcome to Modern Telecom

Why We're Different

Because we don’t work for a single provider, we can give you unbiased recommendations. We save you time (and frustration) to bring you effective business communications solutions (and relief).

Think of us as your telecommunications concierge.

A lot of organizations are being overbilled for outdated technology.
Are you? Let’s do a quick no-obligation audit.

Our Services

Solutions for You

Unified Communications

All of your enterprise communications tools rolled into one seamless, integrated system.

Unified Communications

High Speed Internet

The foundation of all your systems, a fast, reliable internet connection you can depend on.

High Speed Internet

Telecom Consulting

From planning new services to fixing current ones, you’ll get the white glove treatment.

Telecom Consulting

Service Provider Partners

If Modern Telecom is the coach, our service providers are the players. We only recruit those who give you a winning combination. You’ll get a personalized team at the same prices and support that a direct salesperson can offer.

We take care of the relationships, so you can stay focused on your business.

Our Clients

Solutions in Action

We’ve been keeping clients happily connected for over 20 years and want to share some of their stories.

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